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The Status Page is where you can find real time updates and the recent history of our service availability and system performance. If we become aware of a system issue that disrupts a service, we will update this page to provide details to our customers.

Status Chart

If any service is experiencing an issue, we will update this chart with available information. The chart has 5 important areas:

1. Service – Each of our services is entered into this column. For example, Email Campaigns, Email Delivery, APIs, etc.

2. Current Status – This column will contain the current status and any further detail we can offer at that time.

3. Status Indicator – These icons indicate the type of issue that a service may be experiencing, if any. Any icon except Service Available can be clicked to view all of the alerts for that day. The icons available include:

  • serviceavail Service Available

  • performanceissue Performance Issue

  • servicedisruption Service Disruption

  • systemmaintenance System Maintenance

4. History – This section holds service status history going back 30 days.

5. History Navigation – Click the right and left arrow buttons to scroll through the status history.


If you click any status indicator icon except Service Available, you will see all of the alerts issued on that day.



Use the Feedback button below the status chart to send us your suggestions or to report any problem you experience with the Constant Contact Status Page.

Note: This form is for Status page feedback only. If you’re looking for help with the Constant Contact product please visit our Resource Center page where you can search our Knowledge Base or reach out to Customer Support.

  1. Click the Feedback 2-2-2015 2-19-02 PM button
  2. In the overlay, click the Submit Feedback 2-2-2015 2-48-19 PM button.
  3. If you are not logged into your account, you will be asked to do so.
  4. Enter a brief title for your feedback in the Idea Subject field.
  5. Type your feedback into the Body field.
  6. Optional:
    • If you have screenshots or other files to support your suggestion, click the Choose File button at the bottom. Choose the file, then click Open.
    • If you would like to receive an email when a reply is sent, leave the “Email me when someone replies” box under Subscriptions checked.
    • There are sections where you can enter Labels or Tags to help categorize your submission.
  7. Click Post 2-2-2015 2-57-13 PM at the bottom of the form.


Login Availability


Making sure you can log into your account whenever you need to is a responsibility we take seriously. The Login Availability graph shows the percentage of time that customers were able to log into and access their accounts over the previous three months.

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